Frequent questions

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What does ERS do?

Ethiopian Relief Services is a Swiss based humanitarian NGO. It was initiated by Ethiopians who reside in the USA and Europe.

Presently, ERS works from its office in Geneva, Switzerland. In the future there will be other ERS co-ordinating offices in Ethiopia,  the USA and Europe.

ERS is an independent Swiss NGO and is not affiliated to any religious, government or political parties and activities. Our objective is to work and protect the vulnerable children of Ethiopia.

At the moment a few highly motivated individuals from the USA and Europe work as volunteers. If you are committed and motivated, please send us an email indicating your interest to work as a volunteer or complete the online contact form.

We plan to partner with individuals, International Organizations, Institutions and Governments. We also plan to work with local partners in Ethiopia in order to ensure our projects are owned by the needy population.